Have you had a customer tell you recently (in the last 2-3 years) that their salesperson told them to clean their new carpet only with water? People have been hearing this more and more, and our initial reaction was to figure that the salesperson and/or homeowner was a moron. However, once again proving the value of pre-inspection and keeping up with industry trends, there's another possibility that may get you into trouble if you're not prepared: Triexta. Apparently, Triexta has a natural oil built into it that aids in its resilience, stain resistance, and softness. Cleaning with detergents can theoretically damage this oil and leave the carpet sticky and brittle-feeling. Cleaning with detergents will void the warrantee of a Triexta carpet. Guess that salesperson wasn't full of crap after all! If you encounter a Triexta carpet, be prepared to clean with either clean water (it does actually clean up surprisingly well in most cases, as long as there isn't too much oily soil), or with a detergent-free cleaner, such as CleanFree.

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